Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship

Last Saturday was THE day. THE day that I have been training for since January. The KD Shamrock 5K was here and ready to be completed. My sweet trainer was gracious enough to stay with me the entire race. I was determined to try my best whether I walked some during the race. I had only ran the full 3.2 miles one time beforehand and I walked some of it. So I was SUPER nervous. My goal was 45 minutes. Here are some pics.....


Ladies ready to run!

Ready to run our 1st 5k!


My AMAZING trainer/friend that stayed with me the entire time! We did it! :)

And my time was..........

38.55 minutes! Hooray!

When I was finished I said....."I never want to run again. " Now I am re-thinking the whole thing. This helped change my mind....

I mean what girl wouldn't want to run a princess half-marathon! PS you even can get minnie ears! How stinking awesome is that. Oh and I would totally run it in a tutu....well maybe! :)

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  1. Congrats, girl! I know you're proud of yourself as you should be! That's awesome! And I think it would be so cool if you DID run it in a tutu. :)