Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lessons learned...

You are never too old to learn a lesson. I feel like I have been told this my entire life. It is so true. This year has already had its up and downs. Ups being all things related to wedding planning and spending time with Kyle, my family, and friends. The downs had a lot to do with stress, school, and sickness. Those 3 terrible S's have worn me down and at times taken over my life. I am not typically a debbie downer, but recently I just feel like I am drowning with only a small lifejacket and my head is barely above water. Anyways here are the lessons that I have learned....

1. No matter if you are terrified of needles or think you won't get sick.....Please...I beg of you to get a flu shot EVERY year.
-I made the terrible mistake of not getting a flu shot. I thought that since it wasn't "cold" outside anymore that the flu had magically gone away. WRONG. My symptoms hit me like a brick and I was down and in bed for days. I have never been more tired and sick feeling than what I felt with the flu. TERRIBLE. Today I got out of bed to go to class. Its the small victories...

2. Stress physically affects my body. That statement might not make a lot of sense to you....but it makes perfect sense to me. Stress attacks my body and give me wonderful presents like fever blisters. I honestly think I got the flu because of stress. My immune system is so low because of the stress.

3. Comps terrify me like no other thing has before. I am so afraid of not passing that it is making it hard for me to study. I have slight test anxiety on a regular basis, but preparing for this test has been insane. How am I supposed to review my last 10 classes that I have taken. Seems impossible. I will do the impossible and I will conquer these stupid comps. My future depends on it. Scary...huh?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catching up.

Whew, so much has happened since I last blogged in November. I will do a quick catch up on what has been going on...


Kyle planned a perfect proposal. If you want to hear the whole story then I would happy to tell you! :) Wedding date: 11/17/12
Christmas was wonderful. I have the best family in the world and I can't wait to be joining Kyle's family this year.

New Years:

We spent New Years celebrating the wedding of our friends Eric and Ashley. We loved dressing up and spending some time with our sweet friends.

I have been doing a lot of crafting lately. This is my latest thing that I made from pinterest.

Recent picture:

This was taken before our friend's wedding this past weekend.

I have been keeping my sweet niece for the past week. Love my Dolce.