Monday, November 29, 2010

Playing with marinades

Mom and I played with some marinades the last visit to the local grocery store. I had never used marinades before in my recipes so I was excited. We used one on chicken for stir fry. It was fabulous because it only had to marinate for 15 minutes. We used the white wine and herbs marinade (sorry I don't remember the brand.) We cut up the chicken and added it into a skillet and starting cooking it. We then added onions and green peppers and sauteed them. Next we added squash, okra, mushrooms, and other veggies. We cooked it until everything was cooked. (around 15 min...ish) We served it with Texas toast. I was pleased with how good it turned out.

We also got southern whiskey marinade that we used with salmon. We bought salmon from the local grocery store and marinaded it in the fridge for about an hour. (again it could have been done in 15 min). We pan seared the salmon about 5 minutes on each side...until it was light pink (instead of bright pink). We served it with a mixed veggie stir fry (any veggie can be put into a stir fry) and sister shubert's rolls. :) I was thankful that it was super easy and delicious. Honestly, I was nervous about the "whiskey" marinade but it ended up turning out good....not my absolute fav....but good.

The stirfry!

Salmon cooking :)

The plate:

On other news........KYLE ACCEPTED A JOB!!! Just this morning, he got the phone call and we are thrilled. He will be working in a nearby town at a bank that he had previously worked for. Hooray for no more long distance :) Thanks for the prayers. It has def been a long haul, but it is over!

Another hooray is......I took the GRE and made the score that I needed to. Hooray!!! I can now fill out my packed and hopefully be enrolled in grad school by spring quarter.

I am super excited about what God is doing. He sure has a lot up sleeves :)

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