Friday, November 19, 2010

Warning cute packages can be deceiving!

So I decided to cook this adorable red velvet cupcake mix that my mom got me for Valentines (yes it was about to be I cooked it..hehe). It came with the packet for the cake mix and icing and all you had to do was add eggs, butter and milk. It was a simple recipe and so I figured it would be a good choice. I start by mixing the cake mix together and placed it in the cupcake linings and I was disappointed to see that it only made 6 cupcakes (it said 8 on the package). I was like..who was to make JUST 6 cupcakes. Anyways...I got over it and decided that while they were cooking that I would make the frosting. It was supposed to make cream cheese frosting and I was way excited about it. I couldn't wait to dip my finger in and get a taste of it. Well it said to add 8 TB of butter to the mix and then 2 cups of powdered sugar. I thought...HMM 8 TB seems like a lot, but I trust the makers of this package. MISTAKE. When the cream cheese icing was was light yellow and tasted exactly like butter. DISGUSTING. So when the cupcakes were completed...I ate them without the frosting. The cupcakes were good.....but I really wish the cream cheese icing would have turned out. So heres the cute package that it came in. Warning cute packages can be deceiving!

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