Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 4 and 5-Celebration continued...

Day 4-Discovery
The celebrating of Kyle's new job has continued. Yesterday I got to see Kyle's very own office. Its a big deal, folks. While he was finishing up on some things I took a spin in his new comfy office chair. As I was leaning back (almost put my feet on the desk..ha but thought it was not appropriate) I noticed something odd......

Kyle's explanation "I needed to eat my breakfast....then i didn't know what to do with the bowl." So under the table it went. Mr. Professional (I have taught him well) :)

Day 5-Treat
Mom and I decided to make Kyle something for his office. We needed something woodsy and manly. This is what mom came up with. Hopefully he doesn't see this before we give it to him tomorrow. ;)

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