Tuesday, December 7, 2010


One of my fav things about the holidays is.......FOOD. A tradition in our family is to make green punch. My late mamaw Josie was the 1st to make it probably 50 years ago. My mom remembers her making it when she was little. We have carried on the tradition for as long as I can remember. We love having it on Christmas Eve while opening presents. Here is the recipe....

Green Punch
1 tub of lime sherbert
1 liter jug of ginger ale
-Put both of them in a punch bowl. Serve!

Another favorite thing of mine is a chocolate fountain. My mom bought me one on sale at Kohl's a few years back and I love it. Every time that I get the chance, I use it. I love melting the chocolate chips and putting them into the fountain. I love dipping anything and everything in it. My absolute fav thing to dip in.......peanut butter balls. Yummy! So my advice....if you ever get the chance to buy a chocolate fountain....take it...it is totally worth it! :)

Life Update: I started back school last week. It has been okay. I am ready to get into grad school! :) Kyle starts work this week! Hooray! We are starting a routine!

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