Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life lately.....

Sorry I have had no motivation to write lately. I have still been cooking,...just nothing new. I'll update you on life instead. Over the last few weeks I have:

-Kyle and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary
-gone to Cabo for a lil family vaca and relaxation
-Kyle celebrated his 26th birthday
-my grad school application has been turned in (wish me luck)
-I have been working out like a mad woman :)

I am super excited about this coming weekend. Kyle and I are going to BR/Nola for a get a way. We are getting to spend some time with Melinda and Andrew. We are also getting to explore Nola (I havent been since I was little) and go to see Edwin McCain in concert! Hip hip hooray! I am one lucky girl! :)



  1. Hooray for coming to see me!!!

  2. If you haven't been to N.O. since you were little, you should definitely...

    *Eat beignets (any Cafe du Monde will do, doesn't have to be the one in the French Quarter)
    * Go to the City Park, the aquariaum (yes, I know my spelling stinks, lol), and the zoo
    * Browse the art shops on Magazine Stree
    * Places for ah-maz-ing desserts: Sucre (there's one in the French Quarter and in Metairie) and the Kupcake Factory -- and I'm not sure where it is, lol.

    I heart NOLA.

  3. Sounds like a good month so far!
    Ps...beignets are yuck. Good luck with that. :/