Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm not as fearless as I once was....

Two years ago, (almost to the day) I moved to a city that I spread my wings in and were I learned to be fearless. i learned to keep up with the traffic or you would be run over. I learned to not get scared at every little "bump in the night" while living alone. I learned how to be comfortable eating at a restaurant by myself. I learned to be independent and rely totally on God. At some points in my life in the city....he was all I had. I was never scared or terrified. I can't say that I didn't feel alone at times. I was fearless...

This past weekend, I visited the fabulous city that I once lived in. I saw it through fresh eyes and I was speechless. I saw cars speeding around me and gripped the steering wheel and held on for dear life. I heard every noise while staying at a friend's house and didn't sleep a wink. Overall, I was terrified and I couldn't figure out why. I guess I'm so used to "small town living" that I forgot what it was like to be on my own.

I guess I'm not as fearless as I once was......maybe I'm just growing up.

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